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To my lovely followers and those I have not followed yet-

My little experiment~!

I’ve been taking on a tad of a mission lately, to look for new blogs to follow; i apprechiate it if your humerous, or fandom related. I do not want to follow any of those 200k blog fatcats, because a follower means hardly nothing to you, someone else, with a few followers truely apprechiates them, and they know that they are loved just as equally by their own folllowers.
And lovley people, if I follow you, you need not follow back, I am following you because I want to, you are not obligated to follow me by any means. You are on this site to do as you please ,act as you please and express your self in ways that you are unjudged.

So lovely people, I am looking for blogs (note blog S, blog; plural! :) ) that could use another follower, because they actually reblog beautiful things, that go unapprechiated by many.
So, reblog this ( i am going to keep track), or pass this post a like- every little blog I come accross gets a follow, no strings attached.

though i do ask, no porn please! i respect the human body as much as the next guy, but keep your sex life your yourslef.

*please reblog or pass it a like, and i can get you a follow*

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